Warehouse Pest Control

Warehouses and other large storage or shipping facilities can have unique pest problems. In situations where large doors are constantly opening or remaining open for periods of time, it is very easy for pest birds and other animals to enter. 

Warehouse cieling for semi-enclosed bird control  Bird Blazer deters birds in warehouse  Warehouse netting installation  Quadblaster QB-4 keeps birds away from rafters

Pest birds & other unwanted pest animals can cause serious problems for warehouse managers:

  • Pest animals carry over 60 transmissible diseases, causing safety concerns and liabilities
  • Damaging and compromising the quality of products stored on the premises
  • Leaving corrosive droppings that create slip-and-fall liability and compromise workplace safety

For Pest Birds

For Pest Animals & Other Critters

Keep small pests, critters, and crawling insects away with sonic/ultrasonic devices such as the Transonic PRO and the Transonic Bugchaser. As is the case with all ultrasonic solutions, best results will be achieved indoors or in other small, confined spaces.

For smaller areas, create an irritant scent barrier around foundations using Nature’s Defense animal repellent granules. Nature’s Defense is a natural, 100% organic compound that is proven effective in keeping rodents, deer and other pest animals away. Nature’s Defense repels 22 different species and the granules won’t wash away in rain or snow.

For Bats

To repel bats, use ultrasonic devices such as the Super Quadblaster QB-4, the Ultrason X, or the Transonic PRO.