Make the Buzzards Buzz Off

Turkey Vultures are extremely large scavenger birds found throughout the southern half of North America through South America. They are common pest birds and are especially common in the southern half of the United States. Turkey Vultures damage surfaces, such as cars and rooftops, with their talons and unusually large waste droppings.

turkey vulture  vulture in flight    turkey vulture face

Turkey Vultures (also known as buzzards, or simply vultures) are common in large, open areas including fields, countryside, roadsides, suburbs, and anywhere food sources are readily available, including trash dumps and construction sites. They roost on telephone poles, towers, fence posts, and dead trees. They are extremely communal birds, despite the fact they are commonly seen alone during the daytime while foraging for food.

The most effective removal techniques to get rid of turkey vultures include Avishock Bird Shock Track or the Extra Tall version of our Bird Spikes to keep the buzzards off of building edges, and Bird Netting to physically block their entrance into larger areas.

If larger areas need coverage, the BroadBand PRO and CritterBlaster PRO have proven effective against Turkey Vultures. These birds have very few natural predators, but adults and youth alike can fall prey to various eagles and great horned owls, which these devices utilize.

As with all bird control methods, be certain to thoroughly clean all surfaces of bird mess prior to treatment, as these marking are territorial and will make bird control tactics less effective.