Retail Solutions

Homeowners with pest problems are increasingly looking for safe, green, humane solutions - that's why Bird-X offers a wide selection of consumer-focused retail solutions. We work with major retailers within the US & internationally.

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All Bird-X retail products feature innovative product design, attractive full-color self-explanatory packaging, & superior value for the customer.

Stainless Steel & Plastic
Bird Spike Kits

Keep birds off surfaces
BEST-SELLING Bird Spike kits available in plastic & stainless steel.


Yard Gard
Ultrasonic device

Keep deer, raccoon, rodents, 
bats & other small animals off property for good.

Deer Gard
Ultrasonic device
Keep deer off property & protect shrubs, gardens & plants.

Balcony Gard
Ultrasonic device
Repel pest birds in small outdoor/semi-enclosed spaces. 

Transonic PRO for retail

Transonic PRO
Sonic/ultrasonic repeller
Get rid of rats, mice, bats, spiders,
 & other small pests using sound frequencies they hate.

Transonic Bugchaser for retail

Transonic Bugchaser
Sonic/ultrasonic repeller

Get rid of mice & bugs using sound frequencies they hate; no traps or chemicals necessary. 


Nature's Defense:
All-Purpose Animal Repellent

Scent & taste aversion
100% organic repellent granules create an irritant scent barrier to keep pests away.


Nature's Defense:
Mouse & Rat Repellent

Scent & taste aversion
100% organic repellent granules

create an irritant scent barrier to keep pest rodents away.


Irri-Tape for retail

Visual scare
Holographic, iridescent diffraction foil drives birds away.

Scare Eyes for retail

Scare Eyes
Visual scare
Intimidating 3D balloons deter birds, geese, and other small pests.   


Transonic Mole for retail

 Transonic Mole
Electronic/ultrasonic repeller
Protect lawns with a multi-sensory electronic attack that deters burrowing creatures (solar powered). 


Bed Bug ALERT for retailBed Bug ALERT

Detect bed bugs before they spread
Proprietary attractant gel actively lures and traps bed bugs for early detection.


Plug-In Ultrasonic devices are the simple solution to occasional interior rodent & pest infestations.


Owl Decoy
Life-Like stationary owl is a customer favorite; featuring reflective eyes that "move" by catching reflections.

Falcon Decoy
Life-Like stationary falcon features reflective eyes that "move" by catching reflections.

Reflective Tape
Red flash tape protects property
from messy, destructive birds - use in gardens, orchards, on balconies, wood siding, & more!



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