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Press Release: Bed bugs affecting hospitality revenues


Bedbugs taking a bite out of city and hotel revenue.

CHICAGO, IL, June 1, 2011 – Bedbugs have crawled their way into every major city, and when it comes to hospitality and tourism, they are taking big bites out of the bottom line. Some of the U.S.’s most popular tourist cities—New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, D.C.—are suffering as travelers opt to avoid areas with reported bedbug infestations. For hotel and resort managers, it seems that the dirtiest word in the industry is “bedbug”. And it’s understandable: these nasty critters are costing business owners and local governments their revenues and reputations simultaneously—and it’s hard to tell which is worse, because when it comes to hospitality and tourism, reputation is everything.


  • Visual or dog inspection can cost hundreds depending on the size of the facility
  • Treatments/fumigation can cost thousands; may be charged per room; multiple visits are often required
  • Replacing property such as linens, mattresses, furniture, carpets, curtains, guests’ belongings and more can cost hundreds of thousands
  • Medical expenses of those suffering from bedbug bites
  • Legal fees from lawsuits filed by guests
  • Loss of reputation regarding the quality and sanitation of the establishment
  • Being added to the online bedbug registry for all the world to see

The real conundrum is that there’s absolutely nothing a hotel can do to keep bedbugs away. It’s not even a sanitation issue, as is the case with rodents and cockroaches. The most luxurious hotels in the world can and do have bedbugs. Why? Because bedbugs are brought in by guests and travelers. The only way a hotel can take control, is by monitoring each room closely for the first sign of an outbreak in order to stop bedbugs from spreading before it’s too late.

Fortunately, there is a new product on the market that can help hotel owners monitor for bedbugs in every room and every bed—and it’s simple, affordable, and very discreet. Bed Bug Alert is a patent-pending product from Bird-X that slips under the mattress, between couch cushions, or into other tight spaces where bedbugs are suspected. It is a clear plastic device—about the size of a business card—with a proprietary gel inside that lures and traps bedbugs (if they are present).

Monitoring systems are not just useful in the hospitality industry—they can be implemented by any establishment that houses overnight guests, including hospitals, nursing homes, dormitories, military barracks, and more. Bed Bug Alert should be monitored daily. If bedbugs are not detected, users can actually know that they are bedbug-free, gaining peace of mind from that knowledge. If a bedbug does show up, pest control professionals should be called immediately to treat the problem before it spreads.

Some may feel that just monitoring for bedbugs puts their reputation at risk. However, pretending that bedbugs don’t exist is not a responsible way to address a problem that has reached epidemic proportions. The daily monitoring system that Bed Bug Alert allows can be the difference between a few bedbugs in one room, and millions swarming the premises. It can also be the difference between a small setback, and an irreversible business disaster.


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