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plastic spikes parapet wall
Plastic bird spikes CTA
plastic spikes utility line
Spikes keep birds off chimney
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Plastic Spikes Image
plastic spikes parapet wall
Plastic bird spikes CTA
plastic spikes utility line
Spikes keep birds off chimney
Bird-X Spikes Product Video
Bird-X Spikes Product Video
5-Year Warranty
Backed by our manufacturer's warranty against material defects and workmanship.

Plastic Spikes

Bird-X polycarbonate plastic bird spikes are used on buildings and structures worldwide to eliminate the roosting and nesting surfaces of pest birds. The spikes are not harmful – just extremely irritating, intimidating, and uninviting.

  • 100% effective everywhere they are installed
  • Repel pest birds 24/7
  • Clear, light-weight, low-profile
  • One-time solution – no maintenance required

why control birds    cost of pest birds

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  Worked great for me! These Bird Spikes are clear/slighty frosted plastic strips that come with a tube of liquid nails glue, I just glued them to some spots outside where birds where trying to nest but really there is not enough room. Quick and easy. Now no bird nest mess. Not for commercial or large jobs, but solves a problem that I couldn't solve at Lowes or Home Depot. 

Dave E. from Arizona

  For something so simple, they are definitely effective. I used Bird Spikes on a metal arbor. I hung two upside-down tomato planters from the arbor and had a bench underneath, but found the birds using the arbor as a toilet - not real healthy for the tomato plants and not a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the garden! I attached the plastic "spikes" to the arbor and no more birds. The glue has held up well - somewhat messy in applying, but not a huge problem. Was able to cut the spikes to fit. Great product.
L.L. McKenna from Aurora, IL

  Please accept my gratitude for solving our bird problem!  For the past five years, we have had nothing but noise and diseased filled droppings from pigeons. I contacted your company where a courteous and informative employee greeted me. He recommended the products necessary, which were plastic spikes, spikes adhesive and repellent. Upon arrival of the materials we had them installed and like magic the problem disappeared.  Now my husband can finally get a full night's sleep because he is not disturbed at the crack of dawn by the cooing of pigeons.  Also, I must mention the plastic spikes do not subtract from the beauty of our home.  Again, thank you for the safe and effective products.
–C. Green

  • 100% effective everywhere they are installed – repel birds 24/7
  • Easy one-time solution – no maintenance required
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Clear, lightweight, low-profile bird control method
  • Less expensive than metal alternatives
  • Material won’t corrode or decay – spikes can last a lifetime!

Repel pest birds such as pigeons, blackbirds, starlings, sparrows, seagulls, etc.

Effective everywhere they are installed; various sizes available; each section covers 1 linear ft., and a ‘spread’ (or width) of 4.5” or 2.25”, depending on the type of spike.

Recommended for use on building edges and other surfaces that attract pest birds, such as:

  • Rooftops & ledges
  • Windowsills, louvers & eaves
  • Support structures, beams & rafters
  • Chimneys & air conditioners
  • Signs & billboards
  • Cut recurring cleanup and repair costs with a one-time solution
  • Protect buildings and equipment from corrosive droppings
  • Reduce health and liability risks associated with pest bird infestation
  • Prevent the spread of diseases, such as West Nile, Salmonella and E. Coli
  • Eliminate fire hazards caused by birds building nests in vents and chimneys
  • Avoid government and safety inspection failures
  • Increase/maintain property aesthetics
  • Decrease nuisance for residents, workers, customers, etc.
Add & Combine

Bird control products that exclude birds by creating a physical barrier – such as bird netting and bird spikes – are 100% effective everywhere they are installed.  However, it is not always possible to protect an entire property or wide area with barrier solutions.  Where netting and spikes are not applicable, we recommend installing companion products such as sonic repellers, visual scares, and/or scent and taste aversions.  Combining exclusionary methods with scare tactics makes the entire area inhospitable to birds, forcing them to find a new habitat.

Companion Products:

Bird Proof Gel Structural Bird Netting Terror Eyes BirdXPeller PRO
Bird Proof Gel Bird Netting: Structural Terror Eyes BirdXPeller PRO

Available Accessories:

Spikes Adhesive
Adhesive Gun


Spikes, Regular

  • Height: 4.3”
  • Base width: 1”  
  • Top width: 4.5”
Box dimensions / shipping weight:
  • 10 ft.: 14” x 4” x 10” / 2 lbs
  • 25 ft.: 23” x 13” x 7” / 5 lbs
  • 50 ft.: 23” x 13” x 12” / 9 lbs
  • 100ft.: 24” x 20” x 13” / 17 lbs

Spikes, Narrow

  • Height: 4.3”
  • Base width: ½“
  • Top width: 2.25”
Box dimensions / shipping weight:
  • 10 ft.: 15” x 5” x 5” / 2 lbs
  • 25 ft.: 17” x 5” x 14” / 3 lbs
  • 50 ft.: 23” x 13” x 12” / 6 lbs
  • 100 ft.: 23” x 14” x 7” / 7 lbs

Made in the USA

Download Polycarbonate Bird Spikes Instructions

Alternative Solutions

Bird Proof Gel
Tacky, repellent gel is a low-profile way to keep birds off surfaces, ledges, signs, statues, etc.
Stainless Steel Spikes
$53.85     $43.50
10 ft kit ($4.20/ft) Stainless steel bird spikes keep pest birds off rooftops, ledges, etc.
BirdXPeller PRO
Sonic bird repeller emits bird distress calls, keeping birds away for up to one acre; product is safe, humane, and eco-friendly.
BroadBand PRO with Visuals
Sonic and ultrasonic bird repeller covers 3,600 sq. ft. ultrasonic, 6 acres sonic, and includes 3 visual scares.
Ultrason X
Outdoor, ultrasonic pest bird repeller gets rid of bird in areas up to 3,600 sq. ft.