Get Rid of Pigeons on Your Property

Pigeon problems are common for many property owners & business managers all over the world. Pest pigeons & pigeon infestation can be a terrible nuisance as well as an expensive & harmful liability. Bird-X offers pigeon control solutions to fit a variety of applications & budgets.

Problems associated with pest pigeons:

  • Pest pigeon droppings each pigeon leaves up to a pound of droppings per week!
  • Pigeons carry diseases like cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, & salmonella
  • Pigeons are hosts to other pests such as fleas, ticks, lice, & mites
  • Liability results from unsanitary messes & potential slip-and-fall accidents
  • Pigeons build nests in vents & chimneys, creating fire hazards
  • High cost of cleanup, repair & maintenance
  • Property devaluation
 pest pigeons on ledge

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