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Pest birds costing businesses millions of dollars each year

Pest birds costing businesses millions of dollars each year

Pest birds are costing businesses millions of dollars each year in clean-up costs, repairs, and damaged equipment. From the mess and damages caused by their droppings, to the health and safety liabilities they bring – pest birds are a serious problem.

There are a number of growing problems associated with pest birds in residential, industrial and agricultural areas. As human beings continue to alter and eliminate birds’ natural habitats, these adaptable creatures find ways to inhabit man-made structures. Pest birds pollute and deface property; they also ravage crops and other valuable resources.

The cost of pest bird damage is most notably seen in the news whenever an airplane bird strike occurs. According to the National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence (NDCEE), approximately 5,000 bird strikes occur each year, costing the airline industry an estimated $1.5 billion in damages and repairs while also endangering the lives of passengers and crew members.

While pest birds are an obvious threat to airplane safety, they pose a less visible (yet very expensive) threat to large business facilities such as plants, warehouses, factories, arenas, convention centers, etc. In fact, pest birds are costing businesses millions of dollars each year in clean-up costs, repairs, and damaged equipment.

For example, here is the average resource expenditure for a small-scale problem. A company cleaning bird droppings from just 500 ft. of sidewalk weekly would spend approximately (annually): 

  • $35,000 (includes labor, water, electricity, and increased insurance cost)
  • 156,000 gallons of water
  • 3,120 kwh electricity

Larger companies with multiple sites and/or a stringent need for cleanliness throughout their operation are spending exponentially more – well into the six-figure range.

In addition to being an unpleasant eyesore, birds and their droppings can cause workplace hazards and liabilities:

  • Walking surfaces become slippery and dangerous
  • Birds are linked to over 60 transmissible diseases (some potentially fatal)
  • Failed sanitation inspections result in penalties and fines for bird mess problems
  • Acidic bird droppings eat away at paint, concrete and metal, eventually causing structural failure
  • Birds build nests in vents in chimneys, creating fire hazards
  • Birds get entangled in machinery and power lines – they are even known to bombard vehicles and aircraft

Facilities can prevent pest bird infestation by implementing a simple bird control program. Bird control solutions vary from physical barriers to sensory attacks. Barrier control includes bird netting and bird spikes – these products work anywhere they are installed. Other options include sonic and ultrasonic devices, visual scares, taste aversions, and landscape alterations.

Bird-X offers bird control solutions that are safe, humane, non-toxic and extremely effective. Bird repellent products are used to eliminate current pest bird infestations as well as to prevent future problems by conditioning birds to avoid areas completely.