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Mounting Clips Image
250 clips in bags of 50
Clips used 2 ways
Premium Netting Application
Structural Netting Application
Standard Netting Application

Mounting Clips

  Created for Bird-X BirdNet

  Simplifies Net Installation Process

  Works Well With Multiple Installation Methods

Mounting Clips are the easy way to install Bird-X netting. Effective, durable, and secure, these heavy-duty clips snap onto netting edges and hold securely. Installs easily with screws, nails, adhesive, cable, or velcro.

  • Makes netting installation easier
  • Holes for screws or nails, flat surface for adhesive or velcro, and loop for cable installations
  • Maintenance-free, long-lasting and hassle-free
  • 250 Clips per package (5 bags of 50)
$ 134.95
Product Total
$ 134.95
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  • Case = 250 clips (sealed in 5 bags of 50)
  • Space clips approximately 1-2 ft. apart when installing netting
  • Use on tops, bottoms, & sides of netting installation
  • Use to secure 2 pieces of netting together
  • Pins hold netting securely in place; snap sides together around ends of netting
  • Installs with nails & screws, flat side for velcro, or loop method with cable

Use with Bird-X's StandardPE-Plus, or Structural Bird Netting to keep out 

Recommended for excluding birds from specific areas, effective everywhere when it is properly installed.

DO NOT simply toss netting over plants, as this is not effective & can result in birds & other animals to become fatally entangled. Mounting Clips make netting installation easier & faster.

CLICK HERE to view our Netting Installation Instructions Video, which details how to use these clips.
  • Speeds up installation time & makes installation easier
  • Securely holds netting with a series of pins; more secure than staples or nails
  • Works to hold 2 pieces of netting together, great for large installations or to fix cutting mistakes
  • Used for many years, these clips have been used for decades
Add & Combine Specs
  • Clips measure 1 3/4" wide x 1/2" deep x 3 1/2" long when open (2" when closed)
  • Poly Clips
CLICK HERE to view our Netting Installation Instructions Video

Created For Use With:


PE-Plus Premium Grade BirdNet             Standard BirdNet               Structural, Heavy-Duty BirdNet