Why Choose Humane Pest Control?

We get it: when there's a mouse in your house, you just want to get it out. But once you're left to deal with the bodies (or worse), or see the effect some methods have on the environment, you might change your mind. Bird-X pest control products are the mess-free, cruelty-free choice.

fox eating  baby deer   hawk with rodent

Below, please find 5 of the most popular and widely available forms of pest control devices, ordered by how humane they are based on the stress or pain each can cause:

Image Type of Pest Control Device Status Pros Cons

Bird-X Pest Repellers
(Electronic, sensory, etc) 

  • While products make pest animals uncomfortable, they aren't hurt
  • Uses behavior modification, encouraging pests to seek other areas
  • Does not traumatize or harm animals
  • No mess to clean after use
  • Safe for use around people and domesticated animals
  • Some products may require knowledge for maximum effectiveness
  • Some products may require time to see full effectiveness

Live Catch & Release Traps

  • Does not physically harm pests
  • Allows for relocation of pest animal to safer area away from unwanted zone
  • If a non-pest animal is captured, it may easily be released
  • Requires close monitoring and release action to ensure trapped animals do not starve or dehydrate
  • Trapped animals may experience fear and trauma
  • Relocation takes time and can cause complications to the animal's life based on resources
  • Pests can find their way back if not relocated far enough
  • Must follow strict rules and regulations involving trapping setup by state
  • Depending on the season, a nursing mother could be trapped and removed from her babies


Snap Traps

  • Kills pests instantly most of the time
  • Requires cleanup of dead bodies
  • Not always immediate; pests can get trapped non-lethally (by a leg, etc) and die slowly
  • Indiscriminate - can be dangerous to children, pets, birds, and protected wildlife
  • Must monitor traps to make sure a pest is not and suffering, or rotting
  • Dead bodies left in traps can smell and create an unhygienic situation
  • Animals caught with disease or parasites (fleas, etc) may pass on to you if handled incorrectly
  • Expensive over time - it is not advised to reuse traps and bait must be provided


Poison & Rodenticide

  • Kills pest animals
  • Indiscriminate - will poison anything that eats it, including pets, wildlife, and more
  • Will kill predators such as owls, cats, coyotes, etc. who easily catch slow-moving, poisoned prey animals
  • Slowly kills over the course of several days - many poisons require multiple doses to work
  • Causes slow suffering due to metabolic disruption as blood vessels rupture, cause internal bleeding, circulatory shock, kidney failure, calcification of the stomach wall and lungs, and other symptoms
  • Questionable legality - the EPA has ruled against many pest control poisons that are not always enforced


Glue Traps

  • Kills pest animals
  • Indiscriminate - will catch any animal that wanders into the trap (reports are common of owls, kittens and cats, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, pets, and much more)
  • Trapped animals die slowly by starvation & dehydration over the course of days, often chewing off limbs and pulling hair trying to escape
  • Humans may hear pests' cries as they suffer, sometimes over the course of days
  • Urine and feces from animals caught in glue boards can be a health concern and damage surfaces
  • Handling a glue trap with a live trapped animal exposes a person to the risk of being bitten
  • Animals found and released from glue traps often do not survive due to intense stress, shock, injuries, or other trauma
  • Manufacturers and retailers provide little information to alert purchasers about the concerns that exist with the use of these products. Very little customer education is provided and traps are unregulated in the U.S.
  • Can kill pests, but will not eliminate the overall problem. Extremely messy and unsightly
  • Requires monitoring and cleanup to prevent the smell of decay & unsanitary conditions

There is no need for cruelty. You can make better choices to protect the environment, cause less pain, and save yourself the guilt, stress and mess of dealing with inferior devices - all while saving money and solving your pest problem permanently.