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How To: Pest-Proof Your Home Without Chemicals

Eradicate Common House Pests Without Harmful Chemicals

Ants. Bats. Spiders. Mice. Cockroaches. Just the thought of them makes most people cringe, since many of us have been at war with Mother Nature’s pests in our own homes at one time or another. And, as anyone who has done bloody battle with these home invaders knows, these menaces are not easily suppressed.

Homeowners and renters alike will often go through a series of traditional solutions—roach hotels, store-bought bug repellents, spring mouse traps, and so on—only to discover these orthodox solutions are not very effective. Additionally, many traditional pest solutions contain hard chemicals that can cause unintended harm to pets, people, and the environment.

Alternative remedies are more effective, humane, and less expensive than chemical methods. So next time Mother Nature tries to wreak havoc on your hearth and home, look to the following humane, chemical-free alternatives.

Ultrasonic Solutions

Ultrasonic (i.e., “silent”) alternatives are an excellent way to keep bats, rodents, and other bothersome critters at bay. These devices emit sound waves at high frequencies that are audible to insects and other pests. The frequencies interfere with the feeding and communication among unwanted insects and other pests from the area in which the devices are placed. Ultrasonic devices remove the unpleasant task of cleaning up dead insects and rodents. Additionally, these solutions can be used anywhere, from basements to attics and any other crevices in your home. Most humans are unable to hear the high frequencies of these sound waves; however, young children may be more sensitive to these sounds. Responsible use is advised for these devices. 

Sonic Solutions

There are many of benefits to using sonic pest deterrent solutions, as well. Here are just a few reasons to invest in these humane and chemical-free remedies for your home pest problems:

  • No more pest droppings that destroy the cleanliness of your home or apartment
  • They are non-toxic, making them safe to place around young ones and pets
  • They reduce the health and liability risks associated with traditional pest eradication methods
  • They prevent the spread of diseases like histoplasmosis, found in bats, and rabies
  • They prevent the spread of ticks and other parasites often living in rodents
  • They help maintain healthy, attractive property aesthetics
  • They decrease nuisance for residents, workers, and customers
  • They are a safe, effective alternative to poisons and traps

The Transonic PRO (ultrasonic or sonic) and Transonic Bugchaser are two ideal around-the-house alternatives for your pest infestation.

Additional Protection

It is always wise to combine companion pest solutions. Linking sonic repellents, for example, to devices with scent and taste aversions increases your pest control effectiveness exponentially. This kind of multi-sensory attack is extremely effective in deterring birds and other unwanted visitors from an area permanently. When targeting rodents, specifically, Nature's Defense: Mouse and Rat Repellent is an ideal addition to any arsenal of deterrents.

You do not have to face this battle against common house pests alone. Investing in any of these types of chemical-free pest repellents can give you and your family the confidence you need in knowing that your home is pest-free and clean. Help prevent disease by keeping unwanted house guests outside your home and away from your property.


This article was written by Ellen Borza, a content developer for Bird-X.


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