Hospitality and Pest Control

Pest control is significantly more sensitive in the hospitality industry. It’s a zero-tolerance zone. Hotel and restaurant managers must do everything they can to keep pests away from the guests. Pest birds pooping on the pool deck is a problem. Mice in the lobby are an embarrassment. Cockroaches in the kitchen are a nightmare. And bed bugs in the guest rooms are an absolute disaster. At the same time, discretion is vital. Low-profile solutions take care of pest problems without damaging reputation.

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For Bed Bugs

Set up a daily monitoring program with Bed Bug ALERT and detect beg bugs before an infestation takes hold. Bed Bug ALERT is a small plastic device that slips discreetly under the mattress or into other tight spaces where bed bugs are suspected, making it easy to monitor for bed bugs on a daily basis. Early detection is the key to preventing a small problem from becoming a business emergency or a financial disaster.

For Insects, Pest Animals & Other Critters

Keep crawling insects, rodents & other critters away with sonic/ultrasonic devices such as the Transonic PRO and the Transonic Bugchaser. As is the case with all ultrasonic solutions, best results will be achieved indoors or in other small, confined spaces.

For small outdoor areas like patios and gardens, create an irritant scent barrier using Nature’s Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent granules. Nature’s Defense is a natural, 100% organic compound that is proven effective in keeping rodents, deer and other pest animals away. Nature’s Defense repellent granules deter 22 different species and are extremely resistant to rain and snow.

For Pest Birds