Bird-X offers pest control for today’s environment.  We understand how our business decisions affect the world we all live in, today and tomorrow.  From research and production, operations and procedures, to distribution, usage, recycling and disposal – we believe it is our responsibility to offer green pest control solutions that protect the environment, wildlife, human health, and the future of our planet.


All Bird-X products are safe, humane, non-toxic, non-harmful and eco-friendly.  Our green pest control solutions restrict access or condition pests to avoid certain areas by using their natural, instinctive fears against them.  This method is proven to be more effective in the long-term than harming animals or polluting the environment with toxic pesticides.

Where possible, our plastic products are made from 100% recycled materials – gathered from medical and automotive scrap, food packaging, and more.  In fact, our recycled products save tens of thousands of pounds of waste from entering landfills every year!




 Going Green with Bird-X products

We offer animal repellent compounds that are 100% organic.  Visit the Nature’s Defense page to learn more.

Many of our products are made in the USA.


Our Bird-X Headquarters in Chicago, IL is a green workplace.  We have a comprehensive recycling program that includes paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass.  We also recycle and donate our old technological equipment for reuse.  We make eco-friendly choices when purchasing our office supplies and encourage electronic communication vs. printed correspondence.


Our sister company, Cozy Products, is a green distributor as well.  Cozy offers low-wattage personal heaters that use a fraction of the energy that typical space heaters use.  These devices help users reduce energy costs, fire hazards, and blown fuses.  Many Cozy Products are made from recycled materials and require the same energy as a standard light bulb to run!