Golf Course Pest Control

Golf courses are magnets for pest birds, especially Canada geese. Geese prefer open land where predators are unable to hide. They are also attracted to the water sources (ponds, lakes, and fountains) and the abundant short, fresh, edible grass.

Golf course golfers bothered by pest geese  Dr. Whitford installs GooseBuster at golf course  Dr. Whitford installs GooseBuster at golf course 2  geese invade the green

Canada geese and other pest birds can cause serious problems:

  • Damaging the landscaping by eating grass and turf
  • Polluting the course, greens and water with unsanitary droppings
  • Disturbing golfers with their loud honking
  • Physically attacking people

BirdXPeller PRO in use at golf course      Gator Guard on golf course

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