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Extension Speaker Image
Bird-X extension speakers
Bird-X extension speaker mounted on pole
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Extension Speaker Image
Bird-X extension speakers
Bird-X extension speaker mounted on pole

6-Month Manufacturer's Warranty

Backed by our manufacturer's warranty against material defects.

Extension Speaker

  Extension/Replacement Speaker for Bird-X Sound Units

  100 ft. of Speaker Wire to Put Sound Where You Need It

  Money-Back Guarantee


Use the Extension Speaker to increase output to an additional or remote location:

  • Comes with 100 ft. of built-in outdoor-ready speaker wire
  • Use to place sound in a remote or difficult-to-reach location for BirdXPeller PRO & Woodpecker PRO units
  • Divert sound from one or two of the QuadBlaster QB-4's 4 built-in speakers to a remote location
  • Other sound units: use as additional speaker to direct the sound to additional locations*

*See Details tab below for unit compatibility information.

Item # BXP-ES
$ 84.40
Product Total
$ 84.40
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Compatible with the following electronic Bird-X devices:

NOT compatible with GooseBuster or Mega Blaster PRO


Extention Speakers may be used with units for:

  • Extending sound around corners, into different rooms, or other areas blocked by soundwave-disrupting barriers such as walls or fences. Generous 100 ft of speaker wire is included for flexibility.
  • Partially or completely diverting sound into difficult-to-reach areas, such as up trees or high up in rafters, allowing the user to put sound directly where it's needed most - while keeping the control unit in an easy-to-access location.
  • Replacing damaged or older speakers of the same style, or if an in-unit speaker stops working
Both Sonic & Ultrasonic units with the same style speakers. See the Details tab for complete list of approved products.
Add & Combine
BirdXPeller® PRO
Sonic bird repeller emits bird distress calls, keeping birds away for up to 1 acre; product is safe, humane, & eco-friendly.
BroadBand PRO
Both sonic & ultrasonic bird repeller, covers up to 6 acres. Option to include 3 visual scares.
Critter Blaster PRO
Sonic bird and animal repeller uses digital audio harassments to repel pests for up to 6 acres.
Super BirdXPeller® PRO
Sonic bird repeller uses bird distress calls to repel pest birds for up to 6 acres; 4-speaker system for large outdoor areas.
Super QuadBlaster QB-4
Ultrasonic pest bird repeller + flashing strobe light is a multi-sensory attack
Ultrason X
$800.00     $670.00
Outdoor, ultrasonic pest bird repeller gets rid of birds in areas up to 3,600 sq. ft.
Woodpecker PRO
Sonic woodpecker repeller emits woodpecker distress calls & predator cries that repel up to 1 acre.
QuadBlaster QB-4
BEST SELLING ultrasonic pest bird repeller is designed for indoor & semi-enclosed use. Covers up to 6,500 sq. ft.
  • Dimensions: 6" tall x 4” wide x 3.5” depth
  • Box dimensions, single speaker: 12" x 9" x 7" / Shipping weight: 2 lbs