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Emergency Plan Initiated by the U.S. Government to Contain a New Type of Bird Flu

Emergency Plan Initiated by the U.S. Government to Contain a New Type of Bird Flu

With the discovery of a new bird flu virus, farm and health officials are making great efforts to contain the disease before it spreads any further. Bird-X Inc., leader in bird control solutions worldwide, discusses a new blog referencing the situation.

According to Bird-X’s recent blog published on January 20th, 2016, actions against bird flu are currently being taken. As CNBC states, response was triggered by reports of a bird flu virus striking an Indiana turkey farm. Posing a threat on poultry and human health, the U.S. government launched a containment plan involving efforts to cull tainted birds, evaluate possibly tainted flocks, supervise potentially infected individuals, and conduct tests on the new strain of the virus.

Because of last year’s bird flu plague, strategies to fight the disease have greatly strengthened. The outbreak in 2015 cost over $3.3 billion dollars and affected about 48 million turkeys and chickens (CNBC). “Due to the unfamiliarity with this new type of bird flu, extra caution is being taken to prevent the situation from scaling like last year,” the blog states.

Comparable strains to the new virus, recognized as H7N8, have been found to cause human illness in the past. With this understanding, not only is caution taken against poultry, but human health as well. Although cases of human infection are rare, its possibility still remains relevant.

“In the case of Indiana, it is thought that the turkeys were first infected by a less threatening form of the virus, which was later mutated as it passed from host to host…” mentions the blog. Due to this new strand of bird flu and the uncertainties that lie behind it, it is crucial to engage in containing the virus before it escalates. Since bird flu can be spread through feces dropping through the air, the task will be quite challenging. However, 2015’s bird flu epidemic has provided an experience to learn from when tackling future instances like this.

Bird-X recognizes the repercussions of bird flu and the importance of protecting human health and wildlife. This Chicago-based company has over 50 years of experience under their belt in providing an array of humane pest and bird control solutions. Bird-X focuses on sustainable solutions that safely rid pest creatures without the need for dangerous chemicals and traps. 

*Originally published by PRWeb:

Written by Nicole Afable, Bird-X Media Correspondent