Professional Drones for Permanent Bird Control

Bird cause millions of dollars worth of damage every year, especially to agricultural crops and commercial areas. Bird-X bird control drones are the most advanced solutions available for professional applications.

Bird-X, bird control experts for over 50 years, manufacture a number of professional drone solutions specifically for pest bird infestations.


Benefits of Drones for Bird Control:

  • Extremely effective bird control devices; combines sight, threatening physical presence, and sound
  • Low maintenance and easy to operate
  • Replace expensive falconers with limited availability
  • Cover large areas more effectively than other systems

Bird-X drones combine the visual and physical presence of a flying "predator" with sonic noise repellers proven for decades to repel birds with naturally-recorded predator cries and distress calls, mimicing a noisy, physical, terrifying intrusion.

Our devices include the BirdXPeller Drone and our newest model the ProHawk® UAV, a fully autonomous flight and remote controlled model, which is available with or without cameras and is made of solid, professional materials.