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Bird-X Repellers Get Rid of Birds in Airplane Hangar

BirdXPeller Pro Proves Effective for Canadian Air Force

A recent article explains how well the BirdXPeller Pro electronic bird repeller has been in getting rid of purple martins, sparrows, and pigeons in a massive 20-plane hangar.

Here’s  a snippet:

In Borden, Canada, not far from Toronto, the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace and Engineering experienced another sort of bird problem. Though not as dramatic, it was nevertheless significant. The Canadian military unit turned to Bird-X, Inc., the long-time Chicago manufacturer of bird repellent technology, to solve that problem…

Read the complete article here: http://www.exchangemagazine.com/morningpost/2009/week13/Thursday/032606.htm

View the Bird-X Airport Bird Control System here.

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