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Coyote Control: How Urban Coyotes Are Invading Our Cities

Coyotes have descended on our towns and cities… Can we peacefully coexist with this common pest animal?


A distinctively American species, the coyote has lived in North America for more than a million … Read More

Wind Turbines Cause Rising Number of Bird and Bat Fatalities

Wind power is one of the cleanest and safest methods of generating renewable energy. Due to the steady increase in price of nonrenewable sources, wind turbine use has increased 25% in the … Read More

Birds Are Not the Only Carriers of Avian Influenza

Global poultry production has more than quadrupled since 1970, with the United States leading the flock. However, due to the rising demand for chicken and other poultry, Avian influenza, or ‘bird flu,’ … Read More

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Benefits of Bats – a Little Insight from Big Texas

Here at Bird-X, we are always discussing ways to get rid of “pests” – however, it’s nice to take a step back and see the benefits that these animals bring and … Read More

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Deer eating your plants? Tips for solving deer problems:

‘Deer’ can refer to any one of almost a hundred different species spanning the globe.  The most common species in the U.S. are the white-tailed deer (in the east, southeast and Midwest) … Read More

Father’s Day Gift Ideas – For Gardener Dads!

Father’s Day is almost here.  Does your dad enjoy gardening and taking care of his yard? Does he also appreciate eco-friendly solutions? Then here are some great last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas!

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Beware of bears – and deer mice?

Everybody knows to stay away from grizzly bears – or else. But this season in Yosemite National Park, focus is shifting from bears and other large, threatening animals to some smaller, less obvious … Read More

Yard Gard ultrasound – comfort and safety.

Of course safety is the single most important thing to us and to our customers.  One reason our non-toxic, ‘green’ solutions are so popular is the absence of risk in using them.

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A mouse in the house seems harmless – at first.

I write about pest control for a living, so I have described mice and rats and the problems they cause in detail many times.  But it became a whole different story when … Read More

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