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Coyote Control: How Urban Coyotes Are Invading Our Cities

Coyotes have descended on our towns and cities… Can we peacefully coexist with this common pest animal?


A distinctively American species, the coyote has lived in North America for more than a million … Read More

Wind Turbines Cause Rising Number of Bird and Bat Fatalities

Wind power is one of the cleanest and safest methods of generating renewable energy. Due to the steady increase in price of nonrenewable sources, wind turbine use has increased 25% in the … Read More

Birds Are Not the Only Carriers of Avian Influenza

Global poultry production has more than quadrupled since 1970, with the United States leading the flock. However, due to the rising demand for chicken and other poultry, Avian influenza, or ‘bird flu,’ … Read More

Breaking Into New Industries—The Bird-X Approach

In golf, a ‘birdie’ is usually a good thing. After attending February’s Golf Industry Show in San Diego, Bird-X found out that birdies are causing quite the stir on golf courses … Read More


Grape growing, vineyard pests and bird control

Grape growers everywhere are familiar with vineyard pests, especially pest birds.  The most common vineyard problem birds are robins, starlings, finches, orioles, mockingbirds, and grackles.  One study determined that a flock … Read More

Here a QB-4. There a QB-4. Everywhere a QB-4.

After almost 50 years in business, we know that bird problems come in all shapes and sizes.  That is why Bird-X offers a wide variety of products to address each unique situation.  … Read More

Facility Bird Control: 5 Key Steps to a Bird-Free Building

Your first line of defense is the facility’s outdoor property – make sure yours isn’t a bird paradise. Neatly cut grass, large open spaces, peaceful ponds, and easily accessible building surfaces are an open invitation to pest birds from miles around… Read More

Kings of Leon concert halted by pigeon poop

The Kings of Leon had to stop a concert because of pigeons. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

Who expects to go to a concert and have it end three songs in due … Read More

Canada goose, 3 eggs slows down production on a $150 mil. luxury building in the UK

A security guard has been assigned to protect this Canada goose and her two eggs in a U.K. building. This little goose has held up work on a $150 million … Read More

Introducing the Transonic Mole!

Bird-X’s new product, the Transonic Mole, gets rid of moles, gophers and other burrowing animals with a multi-sensory attack.

The newest addition to the Bird-X arsenal is the Read More

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