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Coyote Control: How Urban Coyotes Are Invading Our Cities

Coyotes have descended on our towns and cities… Can we peacefully coexist with this common pest animal?


A distinctively American species, the coyote has lived in North America for more than a million … Read More

Birds Are Not the Only Carriers of Avian Influenza

Global poultry production has more than quadrupled since 1970, with the United States leading the flock. However, due to the rising demand for chicken and other poultry, Avian influenza, or ‘bird flu,’ … Read More

Breaking Into New Industries—The Bird-X Approach

In golf, a ‘birdie’ is usually a good thing. After attending February’s Golf Industry Show in San Diego, Bird-X found out that birdies are causing quite the stir on golf courses … Read More

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The Faces of Bird-X

What’s it like to work in bird control? Three members from Bird-X’s sales and customer service teams answer questions about their day-to-day activities and the industry as a whole.

Ray Kroc once said, … Read More

The High Cost of Neglecting Bird Control

On February 25th 2016, The News Center in West Virginia reported that the AES Laurel Mountain LLC wind energy facility paid $30,000 in finesi for accidentally killing hundreds of migratory birds. … Read More

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

What creature feeds on humans and lives in the dark? No, it’s not a vampire—it’s a bed bug! Bed bugs can lurk in even the smallest hiding places and can wreak … Read More

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Food Facility Nightmares: When Birds Attack

Food establishments know firsthand that food safety is paramount to good business. When pest birds think they are welcome to roost in your facility, food safety violations will keep piling up. … Read More

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African Grey Parrots and their Discovered Decline

Amongst parrots, the African Grey ranks pretty high in popularity. From its obvious-colored coat to its intellectual capacity, these beautiful birds generate large demand around the world. Throughout the lands of West … Read More

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Super Rat Plague – And it’s Not Fiction

You may be wondering what makes a rat so ‘super.’ Well, it’s not an explanation any rodent loather would love.  Super rats are defined by their abnormal abilities to grow larger … Read More

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Plan Initiated to Contain Bird Flu

In 2015, the greatest bird flu outbreak occurred within the United States—totaling about $3.3 billion in cost. As of today, a similar problem persists. A new type of bird flu is being … Read More

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