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Koi Pond Problems: Keeping Predators Away

Owning and maintaining a koi pond is a rewarding yet challenging feat.  Koi pond problems are many – from finding the right location and the perfect amount of sunlight, to managing the … Read More

Garden Pests – Organic Repellents Work!

Do you have garden pests?  Organic repellents may seem like the ‘lite’ version of pest control methods.  However, it can actually be MORE effective in the long-term and it’s definitely a … Read More

Backyard pests. Humane solutions.

“How do I get rid of chipmunks?  They’re burrowing under my deck and causing structural problems, but I don’t want to use poisons because my children and my dogs play in the … Read More

Here a QB-4. There a QB-4. Everywhere a QB-4.

After almost 50 years in business, we know that bird problems come in all shapes and sizes.  That is why Bird-X offers a wide variety of products to address each unique situation.  … Read More

Transonic PRO

Texas Ranch Owner Solves Critter Problem

In Southwest Texas, Hugh Prifogle was becoming frustrated.  About 200 miles from his home, he owned a little property on which rested a lovely vacation ranch and a 25-foot travel trailer.  He … Read More

Actually I love birds!

Hi, this is Alison – I’m Director of Marketing & Customer Services, and this is my fifteenth year at Bird-X.

It may sound odd for someone whose professional life is all … Read More

Bird-X Transonic Pro is perfect for repelling pesky critters

A 5/5 star product review

This device is excellent to ward off raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, mice etc. It is a humane way of getting rid of unwanted pests and proved to … Read More

Pigeon droppings cost historic church $48,000

The Solon Congregational Church probably wouldn't have had to replace it's steeple if they had implemented simple tactics to get rid of the pigeons.

Famous rock stars aren’t the … Read More

Kings of Leon concert halted by pigeon poop

The Kings of Leon had to stop a concert because of pigeons. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

Who expects to go to a concert and have it end three songs in due … Read More

Canada goose, 3 eggs slows down production on a $150 mil. luxury building in the UK

A security guard has been assigned to protect this Canada goose and her two eggs in a U.K. building. This little goose has held up work on a $150 million … Read More

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