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pest deer eating grass

Deer eating your plants? Tips for solving deer problems:

‘Deer’ can refer to any one of almost a hundred different species spanning the globe.  The most common species in the U.S. are the white-tailed deer (in the east, southeast and Midwest) … Read More


Grape growing, vineyard pests and bird control

Grape growers everywhere are familiar with vineyard pests, especially pest birds.  The most common vineyard problem birds are robins, starlings, finches, orioles, mockingbirds, and grackles.  One study determined that a flock … Read More

Koi Pond Problems: Keeping Predators Away

Owning and maintaining a koi pond is a rewarding yet challenging feat.  Koi pond problems are many – from finding the right location and the perfect amount of sunlight, to managing the … Read More

Boats and birds: how one family keeps birds off their boat.

For years, one Florida family accepted pest bird infestation as an inevitable side effect to their love of sailing.  It seemed as though the neighborhood birds – seagulls, mockingbirds, black birds, owls, osprey, … Read More

Visual scares – the more lifelike, the better.

We are all used to seeing the stationary plastic owls, put in up in the hope of frightening smaller birds away.  Unfortunately we’re not the only ones who are used to them … Read More

Facility Bird Control: 5 Key Steps to a Bird-Free Building

Your first line of defense is the facility’s outdoor property – make sure yours isn’t a bird paradise. Neatly cut grass, large open spaces, peaceful ponds, and easily accessible building surfaces are an open invitation to pest birds from miles around… Read More

Crazy pigeons

Pigeons are so annoying!

I remember the times when it used to be like “Hey, there’s a pigeon in the way so let me just lightly step in its direction and it’ll fly … Read More

Poisoning pigeons in the park

Several years ago, while driving home from the city, my friends and I were looking for some good music to play in the car to “rock out” to and blast from the … Read More

Those pesky critters are invading my property?!


There are so many great things about a garden. Not only is a garden a way to relieve stress, but they make your property prettier, … Read More