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Irri-Tape successfully deters pigeons from balcony

5-star Customer Product Review

We live in an apartment on the East China Sea in Japan – barely a 1/2 mile from the water’s edge and the pigoens [sic] love our balcony! … Read More

Yard Gard eliminates bat infestation

5-star Customer Review

My attic was being overtaken by bats. I was desperate for a way to get rid of the bats without taking elaborate steps of putting nets up or … Read More

Gator Guard saves Koi fish while keeping large birds away

5/5 star Amazon Review

This thing has saved my fish. Not only has it saved my fish, but keeps the ducks and heron and any other large birds from my property and … Read More

Yard Gard prevents neighbor’s dog from pooping in yard

A 5/5 star product review from a satisfied customer.

PROBLEM: Dog poop in my front yard every day for two weeks.

SOLUTION: From the day I started using this product, my problem with … Read More

DeerGard deer repellent works for us

5/5 star Amazon Review

We use this product in our yard to repel deer. Before DeerGard, we tried dozens of chemicals, devices, and barriers. Some worked at first – but then deer … Read More

“Transonic PRO is Worth Its Weight In Gold – It Works!”

A 5/5 star consumer product review from another happy customer.

I bought the transonic pro due to mice and rat infestations in my home. I haven’t seen or heard any mice in … Read More

Bird-X Songbird Magnet successfully lures Purple Martins

Danny here from Purple Martin Propagators in Austin, TX. I’ve installed over 1200 Supergourd Purple Martin Housing Systems in the last 3 years and have found that using the SongBird Magnet speeds up the colonization process dramatically. Read More

Neighbor’s annoying cats now stay away from my yard

5-star Customer Review

For many years I’ve owned dogs, all the while not realizing what a great job they were doing keeping the many neighborhood cats out of my backyard. My last … Read More

Sparrow Free Magic Halo is really worth it!

5/5 Star Amazon Review

Normally during the fall, winter and spring I have about 40 House Sparrows living in the bushes near my bird feeder and they tend to eat most of … Read More

YardGard Gets Rid of Evil Cats and Squirrels

YardGard Successfully evicts cats and squirrels from a customer’s property! Read More

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