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No more cat problem!

A 5-star product review from a satisfied customer.

I had a problem with a neighbor’s cat leaving poop on my lawn. It also was burning the lawn with urine. Two days after I … Read More

Polycarbonate Bird Spikes are great to use around a house

5/5 star Amazon Review

Worked great for me! I just glued them to some spots outside where birds where trying to nest. Quick and easy. Now no bird nest mess.

By Dave E. … Read More

Alligator decoy scares geese off golf course

5/5 star Customer Product Review

My husband bought this for the golf course we play at. They are having a terrible time with geese. I had my reservations that this thing would work … Read More

Bird-X Transonic Pro gets rid of mice and insects

A 5-star product review from a happy customer.

Excellent Product. Top Notch! I purchased two of these machines last year and have moved them from place to place to help with many different … Read More

YardGard Cat Repeller keeps cats out of my garage and off my autos

5/5 star Amazon Review

I have two cats that loved the interior of our garage and specifically the warm hoods of our cars. They have scratched both vehicle finishes and left their footprints … Read More

Menacing bird eyes scare away pesky birds

5/5 star Amazon Review

We had a problem with bird’s nests in our retractable awning and after placing these ‘balloons’ near the area, the birds haven’t been back.
Highly recommend it.

By Yolanda O. … Read More

Bird-X Owl Decoy works great to keep birds away from a pool

5-star product review from satisfied customer

I am buying my second Bird-X Owl today. I had a problem with bird droppings around the edges of my above-ground pool two summers ago. I … Read More

YardGard raccoon repeller effectively keeps raccoons away

5-star consumer product review

I don’t know how it works, but it sure does work. We had raccoons and were pretty much at wit’s end. We tried this and within a few … Read More

Transonic PRO rodent repeller gets rid of household critters

5/5 star Amazon Review

I bought a TX-PRO about a year ago. I’d acquired a little sports car over the summer and had cleaned out a detached garage to accommodate it. … Read More

Electronic animal and pest repeller is a pleasant surprise

A happy customer gives a 5/5 star product review.

Over the past three years our property has been decimated by hungry rabbits. After two years of hit and miss with a live … Read More

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