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YardGard is a fantastic bat deterrent

5/5 Star Customer Product Review

I had bats stopping for a rest on a hanging light in an outside entry and would leave a mess behind when they went back to … Read More

Bird-X Bird Proof Gel effectively prevents bird roosting problems

5/5 Star Customer Product Review

Good product. Does exactly what it says. Has good coverage per tube and has held up under bad storms. Nice to find a product that doesn’t over … Read More

Pest Repeller That Works

5/5 Star Customer Product Review

I have been very happy with the results. I no longer have squirrels jumping on the screens of my lanai. The product works as advertised. I would recommend … Read More

Terror-Eyes are well worth it

5/5 Star Amazon Review

I was sceptible [sic] – but this immediately kept the geese and most seagulls off my dock- yeah I can walk on it again without my dog eating … Read More

Pesky flying squirrels have disappeared!

5-star Product Review

I had flying squirrels in my attic and once I put the YardGard in the attic, they have disappeared. I put it in the “ON” position rather than the … Read More

Prowler Owl scares birds away from backyard

5/5 Star Amazon Review

A mocking bird was dive-bombing my dachshund in the back yard. I put this up on a chain hanging from my patio cover and immediately there are no … Read More

Woodpecker PRO solves annoying woodpecker problem

A 5/5 star review from another satisfied customer.

[O]nce I determined my type of woodpecker, increased the frequency of the distress call, and found the right location I had results. I watched … Read More

Animal repeller gets rid of pesky critters

5-star Consumer Product Review

After 10 years of trouble with possums, raccoons, cats, and groundhogs, I installed two of these under my recreational trailer, and no longer have a problem. They simply … Read More

Hang bird deterrent tape on windows to prevent birds from hitting them

5/5 star Amazon Review

Millions of birds die or are injured every year when they hit windows. I had dozens of birds fly into the windows at my house. I taped a … Read More

Deer repellent deters pesky woodland animals

5/5 star Customer Product Review

After trying a multitude of remedies this device [Deer Gard] seems to work in our woodland backyard. Deer which are abundant in woods seem to avoid … Read More

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