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Yard Gard keeps pesky animals away from garden

A product testimonial from a satisfied customer 😆

Just a note to tell you–in May I put in my garden, and after several days the critters began arriving.

The supermarket was open, and … Read More

3D Coyote gets rid of pesky pond birds

5/5 Star MSN Shopping Review

I live on a small pond and while I do like some birds, they tend to return to the same area, year after year, with more and … Read More

More superb customer reviews for Bird-X products!

Excellent customer product reviews from our happy customers

Deer Gard prevents deer damage

I have had the product in my garden for 40 days, and so far no damage from the deer. I … Read More

Transonic PRO repels annoying critters

A testimonial from a satisfied customer. 😀

This item really works! We have an old house with a cellar and a crawlspace under a portion of it. A possum got in the … Read More

Ultrasonic Dog and Cat Repeller Does the Trick

A testimonial from a satisfied customer. 😀

After much effort and expense to rid my yard of my neighbor’s (5!) cats, one persisted in spraying my doorstep as often as I would … Read More

Prowler Owl keeps pesky woodpeckers away

A testimonial from a satisfied customer. 😀

Bought a Prowler Owl last year to protect a house which had about a hundred woodpecker holes in the siding. Siding was patched and … Read More

No more rabbit problem!

5/5 Star Customer Product Review

I have had this product in service for over a year now and my rabbit vs bamboo problem is solved. I am going to buy 3 more … Read More

Bird-X Bird Spikes are simple and effective!

5/5 Star Customer Product Review

Handy scored-spots to break to length for various locations. easy to use and install. I recommend it.

By Richard W. from Washington

View the Bird-X Bird Spikes here

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Cat repeller prevents cats from pooping in lawn

5/5 Star Customer Product Review

We purchases [sic] this item for cats, out neighbor has about 8 cats which some are strays. They would constantly come over and use our yard and also … Read More

Shake-Away and Garden Scent-ry repel pesky backyard rodents

5/5 Star Customer Product Review

Shake Away works great, but once it rains it had to go down again. This guard helps keep it lasting much longer! Highly recommend both products.

By Brian L.

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