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Bird-X Products “Show” Up at National Theatre of Costa Rica

As a company that’s been in business for over 50 years, being a part of history has been the norm. But this time, Bird-X helped preserve history at the National Theatre of … Read More

A mouse in the house seems harmless – at first.

I write about pest control for a living, so I have described mice and rats and the problems they cause in detail many times.  But it became a whole different story when … Read More

Nature's Defense Organic Mouse & Rat Repellent

Keep rodents away with organic rodent repellent. Listener-tested, Trapper-approved.

Can you keep rodents away without using traps or poisons?  Yes.  And it’s a good idea when you’re trying to keep rodents away from areas where children or pets might be affected.  … Read More

Transonic PRO

Texas Ranch Owner Solves Critter Problem

In Southwest Texas, Hugh Prifogle was becoming frustrated.  About 200 miles from his home, he owned a little property on which rested a lovely vacation ranch and a 25-foot travel trailer.  He … Read More

Bird-X Transonic Pro is perfect for repelling pesky critters

A 5/5 star product review

This device is excellent to ward off raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, mice etc. It is a humane way of getting rid of unwanted pests and proved to … Read More

Bird-Proof Gel a proven success

A customer recently wrote a post on their blog about using our Bird Proof Gel to get rid of sparrows on and near their … Read More

Sparrow-Free Magic Halo is a Magic Indeed!

A 5/5 star customer product review

Works just as advertised. Sparrows hop all around it but don’t come in. Chickadees and finches feed as usual, but without the hassle of fighting with … Read More

Bird-X bird netting keeps pesky birds away

A 5/5 star customer product review

We bought this net to protect our strawberry plants from the birds. It is really working and stop birds from trying to eat the strawberry seeds. … Read More

Bird-X bird spikes are effective!

A 5/5 star customer product review

For something so simple, they are definitely effective. I used them on a metal arbor. I hung two upside-down tomato planters from the arbor and had … Read More

Bye Bye Doves, Hello Happiness!

A 5/5 star customer product review

Very happy with this product,a little pricey but after putting up with my neighborhood Morning Doves the price wasn’t lookin to bad. I moved into my … Read More

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