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Bird-X Bird Spikes prevent pesky birds from landing and nesting

A five-star product review

I bought several boxes of the Bird-X bird spikes because I happened upon a box of them locally and they worked great. The spikes are translucent plastic and … Read More

Bird-X Transonic Pro keeps squirrels away from attic

A 5-star customer product review

Ordered it to try and eliminate squirrels from returning to attic. When installed, they immediately left and have not returned. […] Sure seems to be working. Since … Read More

Prowler Owl does the trick!

Another 5/5 star review from a satisfied customer!

I was having trouble with nasty blackbirds depositing their droppings around the top rail of my above ground pool. It was so gross and … Read More

Spikes are 100% effective on balcony railings

A five-star product review

The Bird X spikes were 100% effective in keeping pigeons off a balcony in a luxury high-rise apartment building in the City of Newark, New Jersey. Iā€™m sure the … Read More

3D Coyote and Irri-Tape keep ducks away from pool

A five-star product review from a happy customer.

I was skeptical at first because we’ve tried everything under the sun. We staked the 3D-Coyote in a lidded plastic, rock-filled container. The coyote was … Read More

Terror Eyes successfully keeps geese away

A 5/5 Star product review.

It worked great for me. Had it for about a year and no geese. Then it blew off in a storm and the geese are back. I’m … Read More

Yard Gard keeps pesky animals away from garden

A product testimonial from a satisfied customer šŸ˜†

Just a note to tell you–in May I put in my garden, and after several days the critters began arriving.

The supermarket was open, and … Read More

3D Coyote gets rid of pesky pond birds

5/5 Star MSN Shopping Review

I live on a small pond and while I do like some birds, they tend to return to the same area, year after year, with more and … Read More

More superb customer reviews for Bird-X products!

Excellent customer product reviews from our happy customers

Deer Gard prevents deer damage

I have had the product in my garden for 40 days, and so far no damage from the deer. I … Read More

Transonic PRO repels annoying critters

A testimonial from a satisfied customer. šŸ˜€

This item really works! We have an old house with a cellar and a crawlspace under a portion of it. A possum got in the … Read More

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