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Kings of Leon concert halted by pigeon poop

The Kings of Leon had to stop a concert because of pigeons. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

Who expects to go to a concert and have it end three songs in due … Read More

Canada goose, 3 eggs slows down production on a $150 mil. luxury building in the UK

A security guard has been assigned to protect this Canada goose and her two eggs in a U.K. building. This little goose has held up work on a $150 million … Read More

Bird-Proof Gel a proven success

A customer recently wrote a post on their blog about using our Bird Proof Gel to get rid of sparrows on and near their … Read More

Sparrow-Free Magic Halo is a Magic Indeed!

A 5/5 star customer product review

Works just as advertised. Sparrows hop all around it but don’t come in. Chickadees and finches feed as usual, but without the hassle of fighting with … Read More

Bird-X bird netting keeps pesky birds away

A 5/5 star customer product review

We bought this net to protect our strawberry plants from the birds. It is really working and stop birds from trying to eat the strawberry seeds. … Read More

Bird-X bird spikes are effective!

A 5/5 star customer product review

For something so simple, they are definitely effective. I used them on a metal arbor. I hung two upside-down tomato planters from the arbor and had … Read More

Bye Bye Doves, Hello Happiness!

A 5/5 star customer product review

Very happy with this product,a little pricey but after putting up with my neighborhood Morning Doves the price wasn’t lookin to bad. I moved into my … Read More

Coyote Replica Works Great!

A five-star product review

I’ve had good luck with this. I move it around frequently, and this keeps the geese from trusting it. Much easier to go out and move this around … Read More

Polycarbonate spikes are effective and affordable

Another excellent five-star Bird-X product review.

I needed to keep pigeons off of the tops of brick and wood columns on my front porch. The plastic bird spike strips were easy to … Read More

No more cats!

A five-star product review from a satisfied customer.

my neighbor`s cats were constantly hunting under my bird feeders…but not anymore.i also bought one to keep deer out of my mother`s garden and … Read More

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