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“How do I get rid of chipmunks?  They’re burrowing under my deck and causing structural problems, but I don’t want to use poisons because my children and my dogs play in the … Read More

Here a QB-4. There a QB-4. Everywhere a QB-4.

After almost 50 years in business, we know that bird problems come in all shapes and sizes.  That is why Bird-X offers a wide variety of products to address each unique situation.  … Read More

Boats and birds: how one family keeps birds off their boat.

For years, one Florida family accepted pest bird infestation as an inevitable side effect to their love of sailing.  It seemed as though the neighborhood birds – seagulls, mockingbirds, black birds, owls, osprey, … Read More

Visual scares – the more lifelike, the better.

We are all used to seeing the stationary plastic owls, put in up in the hope of frightening smaller birds away.  Unfortunately we’re not the only ones who are used to them … Read More

Transonic PRO

Texas Ranch Owner Solves Critter Problem

In Southwest Texas, Hugh Prifogle was becoming frustrated.  About 200 miles from his home, he owned a little property on which rested a lovely vacation ranch and a 25-foot travel trailer.  He … Read More

Use Bird Proof Gel as directed.

*For better bird control, please use as advised.

As consumers, we are constantly inundated with product instructions and warnings.  *Keep refrigerated.  *Dry clean only. *Bake at 350° for one hour.  *Do not take while operating heavy machinery.  And so on … Read More

Ultrasonic bird control device installation

Ultrasonic bird control? Yes. It works.

How do we know that ultrasonic bird control actually works?  We can look at scientific observations made by Dr. Whitford, Professor Emeritus in the Biology Department of Capital … Read More

Facility Bird Control: 5 Key Steps to a Bird-Free Building

Your first line of defense is the facility’s outdoor property – make sure yours isn’t a bird paradise. Neatly cut grass, large open spaces, peaceful ponds, and easily accessible building surfaces are an open invitation to pest birds from miles around… Read More

Bird-X Transonic Pro is perfect for repelling pesky critters

A 5/5 star product review

This device is excellent to ward off raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, mice etc. It is a humane way of getting rid of unwanted pests and proved to … Read More

Pigeon droppings cost historic church $48,000

The Solon Congregational Church probably wouldn't have had to replace it's steeple if they had implemented simple tactics to get rid of the pigeons.

Famous rock stars aren’t the … Read More

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