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Stop feeding pigeons in Chicago!

Do city pigeon problems require legal action?

Anyone in Chicago has seen the signs: “Don’t Feed the Pigeons.”  And there is always that disregarding individual who walks right past the sign with a … Read More

Woodpecker Problems: Top 5 Questions

Is a woodpecker in your backyard a privilege or nuisance?  That depends: is the woodpecker pecking?!

From my experience speaking with Bird-X customers, it is clear that woodpeckers are a problem bird for … Read More


Fall Bird Season – Keep Birds Away All Year.

As cold weather creeps in and we get deeper into fall bird season, bird control priorities become slightly different.  However, there is still a lot that can be done this time of … Read More

Yard Gard ultrasound – comfort and safety.

Of course safety is the single most important thing to us and to our customers.  One reason our non-toxic, ‘green’ solutions are so popular is the absence of risk in using them.

Read More

A mouse in the house seems harmless – at first.

I write about pest control for a living, so I have described mice and rats and the problems they cause in detail many times.  But it became a whole different story when … Read More

Nature's Defense Organic Mouse & Rat Repellent

Keep rodents away with organic rodent repellent. Listener-tested, Trapper-approved.

Can you keep rodents away without using traps or poisons?  Yes.  And it’s a good idea when you’re trying to keep rodents away from areas where children or pets might be affected.  … Read More


Grape growing, vineyard pests and bird control

Grape growers everywhere are familiar with vineyard pests, especially pest birds.  The most common vineyard problem birds are robins, starlings, finches, orioles, mockingbirds, and grackles.  One study determined that a flock … Read More

Koi Pond Problems: Keeping Predators Away

Owning and maintaining a koi pond is a rewarding yet challenging feat.  Koi pond problems are many – from finding the right location and the perfect amount of sunlight, to managing the … Read More

Garden Pests – Organic Repellents Work!

Do you have garden pests?  Organic repellents may seem like the ‘lite’ version of pest control methods.  However, it can actually be MORE effective in the long-term and it’s definitely a … Read More

Backyard pests. Humane solutions.

“How do I get rid of chipmunks?  They’re burrowing under my deck and causing structural problems, but I don’t want to use poisons because my children and my dogs play in the … Read More

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