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Bird Control Poem

In honor of Spring and bird season, I wrote this short poem about pest birds.  Could it be the first bird control poem ever written?  Maybe!  Either way, this is just for fun – I hope you enjoy!

-Chrissy Hansen, Bird-X Blogger

Bird Control Poem

One bird on a lamp post,
Two birds build a nest.
Three birds on the rooftop,
Just wait for all the rest.

Four birds scavenging for food,
Five birds swoop for more.
Six birds keeping watch above,
Now there’s poop galore.

Seven birds to start the spring,
They quickly multiply.
Now thirty birds are squawking,
And many more drop by.

One bird was a welcome sight,
One hundred overwhelm.
When pest bird infestation strikes,
Let Bird-X take the helm!

Comments (4)

Andy Crestodina says:
May 17, 2013

This is brilliant, Chrissy! So great. It reads like a children’s poem. It’s very clever to write a poem now and then to break up the pace of blogging.

And yes, you make a great point. Birds are nice, but too many…nuisance! You should be proud of all the non-toxic, non-violent ways that you and Bird-X mitigate bird problems…

Bird-X says:
May 20, 2013

Thanks Andy! -CH

Me says:
February 22, 2014

I love birds. Why would you ever want to get rid of them? It has not been proven that birds carry ANY diseases transmissible to humans. So what if there’s bird poop on your balcony? It doesn’t smell, like dog or cat poop does. LONG LIVE BIRDS!!!

bird-x says:
February 25, 2014

We love birds, too – this is why we offer non-lethal, harmless methods to prevent them from getting in the way of humans where they are not wanted.

Birds carry over sixty transmissible diseases that we know of, their droppings can damage buildings, cars, machinery, etc. We encourage you to take a look at our pages on the subject:

Knowledge Center
Cost of Pest Birds

While it’s true a spot of bird poop isn’t going to hurt you, larger quantities from uncontrolled bird populations in public areas can build up and become very serious hazards.

In the end, we 100% agree – LONG LIVE BIRDS! Let us live peacefully and safely in the world we share together.

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