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Alligator decoy scares geese off golf course

5/5 star Customer Product Review

My husband bought this for the golf course we play at. They are having a terrible time with geese. I had my reservations that this thing would work but 10 minutes into this thing being placed in one of the ponds those geese would not go into the pond. They were squawking and carrying on. Several hours later those geese were still spooked. The eyes in the unit are quite menacing in the sunlight. There is a heron at the course and we didn’t see her in the pond where the alligator was placed.

By James M.

Click here for more information about the Gator Guard Alligator Decoy.

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SueAnn says:
May 12, 2011

did it get rid of the geese on the course not just keep them out of the pond

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