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3D Coyote and Irri-Tape keep ducks away from pool

A five-star product review from a happy customer.

I was skeptical at first because we’ve tried everything under the sun. We staked the 3D-Coyote in a lidded plastic, rock-filled container. The coyote was set on our deck by the pool. I randomly moved it around. We haven’t had ONE duck in our YARD but less in the pool. Sorry to say . . . they have since moved to our neighbor’s pool. We’ve tried everything for the past four seasons with no luck. The Irri-Tape is flapping around the pool’s edge and alas – no bird dropping either! Superb product. Worth every penny! Recommending to our neighborhood pool store manager.

By Carolyn W.

View the 3D Coyote predator replica here.

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