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birdxpeller chicago rooftop
BirdXPeller PRO lighthouse application
office building bird control
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BirdXPeller PRO Image
birdxpeller chicago rooftop
BirdXPeller PRO lighthouse application
office building bird control
parking lot bird control
Bird-X - BirdXPeller PRO Product Video
Bird-X - BirdXPeller PRO Product Video
Guarantee + Warranty
Backed by our 30-day electronics performance satisfaction guarantee AND our 6-month manufacturer's warranty against material defects.

BirdXPeller PRO

The BirdXPeller PRO is a sonic bird repeller that broadcasts a variety of naturally recorded bird distress signals and predator calls that frighten, confuse and disorient pest birds within the effective range.  Pest birds cause damage, liability and health hazards.  Sonic bird control is a safe, humane, eco-friendly way to get rid of birds from outdoor areas.

  • Sonic repellers use high-definition digital recordings
  • Customizable settings allow for easy, DIY pest control
  • Real sounds – digital playback of naturally recorded threats
  • Covers up to 1 acre

To repel pest birds in larger outdoor areas, upgrade to the
Super BirdXPeller PRO
, a sonic bird repeller that reaches up to 6 acres!

View the 'Details' tab below to decide which version of the BirdXPeller PRO is best for your pest bird problem.

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Item # BXP-PRO
Product Total

Grackle problem eliminated - PERIOD! I had a horrific Grackle problem around my above ground pool. The Grackles and Pigeons were leaving droppings all around the deck and pool. I had over 50 clumps in the bottom of my pool daily leaving my family unable to even enjoy a swim. I purchased the BirdXPeller Pro bird repeller and with the help of the frieldy Bird-X staff was able to set it up in no time. The birds hanging around the pool were eliminated withing five days! Thanks Bird-X!
Bob from Mokena, IL

Gulls departed immediatedly and never returned. Two years ago, I purchased a BirdXPeller Pro and placed it on my boat dock which had been the home of approximately 200 seagulls; the guano was two inches thick! As long as this unit is turned on, the gulls depart immediately and never return. It has survived two severe winters and two hot summers on the Puget Sound.
–Don from Seattle, WA

Great product! We have been battling Pigeons at the Historic Will Rogers Hotel since 1930. The BirdXPeller Pro is the first thing that has really worked!  We had approximately 100 Pigeons on our roof for the past 70 years. We plugged the unit in and they flew away and have not returned. It's great; you have one happy customer!
–Jane from Oklahoma

I feel comfortable that I have eliminated a nuisance. I want to take a moment of your time to thank you for the recommendation of the BirdXPeller Pro to alleviate my fowl problem. The past year was enjoyable knowing that i didn't have to do additional cleanup around my swimming pool because of bird droppings. The unit performed as described and I am well pleased. All without any harm to the environment or to the birds.
–Jim from Cary, IL

Thank you for providing a means to control our crow problems! Here at the Danville Family YMCA we have been under siege with huge flocks of crows flying over and roosting in our trees causing major sanitation problems for our staff and members at our facility. The BirdXPeller Pro system worked immediately after installation and has continued to keep our crow population at a different location away from us! We will continue to highly recommend your products to those with similiar problems.
–John from the Danville YMCA

I am writing to tell you that you have a wonderful product. I am a substation foreman that has had problems with smaller birds perching in and on substation equipment. They make quite a mess while some even get electrocuted. I purchased a BirdXPeller Pro one year ago and the results are great. Best part is there are no more cleanups and our outage rate has dropped. Thanks so much!
–Pat from Montana Power Company

  • Sonic – emits audible sounds that deter birds
  • Single speaker unit – purchase Extension Speakers separately or Super BirdXPeller PRO 4-speaker system
  • Fully programmable – you control sounds, volume, interval, day/night operation
  • Weather resistant – NEMA type box is designed to withstand outdoor use
  • Real sounds – high-quality digital playback of naturally recorded threats

Version 1 repels: pigeons, starlings, sparrows and gulls.  Settings include:

1. Pigeon I
2. Pigeon II / Bird Predator I
3. Starling/Pigeon III
4. Sparrow
5. Gull I
6. Gull II
7. Bird Predator II
8. Bird Predator III

Version 2 repels: crows, blackbirds, grackles, cormorants and ravens.  Settings include:

1. Blackbird
2. Crow
3. Grackle
4. Cormorant
5. Raven
6. Bird Predator I
7. Bird Predator II
8. Bird Predator III

Version WP repels: woodpeckers.  Go to Woodpecker PRO page to view specific settings:

For best results, choose a combination of both predator calls AND bird distress recordings to create the most natural scenario.


Repels pest birds including pigeons, crows, sparrows, starlings, seagulls, grackles, cormorants, etc.; also deters rodents and other small critters.

Effective coverage up to 1 acre.

Recommended for use in outdoor areas, such as:

  • Warehouses, manufacturing, plants
  • Facilities & corporate grounds
  • Transportation platforms & loading docks
  • Farms, barns, stables
  • Sheds & storage buildings
  • Homes, gardens, patios
  • Parking garages
  • Waterfront property & boat houses
  • Etc.
  • Cut recurring cleanup and repair costs
  • Protect buildings and equipment from corrosive bird droppings
  • Reduce health and liability risks associated with pest bird infestation
  • Prevent the spread of diseases, such as West Nile, Salmonella and E. Coli
  • Eliminate fire hazards caused by birds building nests in vents and chimneys
  • Avoid government and safety inspection failures
  • Save parks, yards, corporate grounds, pools, ponds, turf, etc. from bird damage
  • Increase/maintain property aesthetics
  • Decrease nuisance for residents, workers, customers, etc.
Add & Combine

For maximum, sustained success in your bird control efforts, a synergistic approach is recommended.  Synergy is the interaction of two or more forces producing a combined effect that is greater than the sum of their individual effects. We often recommend companion products – combining sonic repellent devices with visual scares or scent and taste aversions.  This kind of multi-sensory attack is extremely effective in deterring pest birds from an area permanently.

Companion Products:

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Terror Eyes Bird Stop
Bird Spikes: Stainless Steel Terror Eyes Bird Stop

Available Accessories:

Replacement AC Power Cord 110v (50 ft)
Replacement AC Power Cord 220v (6 ft)
Replacement AC Power Cord 240v (6 ft)
Extension Speaker
Solar Panel: Small

  • Dimensions: 6” x 9” x 4”
  • Box dimensions: 12" x 7" x 6" / Shipping weight: 3 lbs
  • Coverage: Up to one acre
  • Power Requirements: 110v or 220vAC or 12vDC (110vAC adaptor included; battery not included)
  • 110v cord is 50 ft / 220v and 240v cords are 6 ft
  • Sound Pressure: 105–110 db at 1 meter
  • Frequency: 3–5 kHz
  • Compliance: unit CE Marked / supply power source UL Listed and CE Marked
  • EPA Est. 075310-OR-001
  • NEMA type box
  • Proudly made in the USA
Download BirdXPeller PRO Version 1 Instructions

Alternative Solutions

BroadBand PRO with Visuals
Sonic and ultrasonic bird repeller covers 3,600 sq. ft. ultrasonic, 6 acres sonic, and includes 3 visual scares.
Sonic goose control device uses authentic recordings of Canada geese to deter geese and get rid of infestation.
Super BirdXPeller PRO
Sonic bird repeller uses bird distress calls to repel pest birds for up to 6 acres; 4-speaker system for large outdoor areas.
Woodpecker PRO
Sonic woodpecker repeller emits woodpecker distress calls and predator cries that repel the birds for up to one acre.