This Scholarship Is No Longer Active

Out of the nearly 1,000 applicants who applied to our Generation Green Scholarship Contest, we here at Bird-X are proud to announce the winners to our competition!  We received so many wonderful responses that we decided to share even more prizes among the best entrants:


We are pleased to announce our winners below!


bird-x scholarship 2013




goes to Lindsey Oberhelman!!!

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

My name is Tavel and I am Lindsey’s Terrier dog.  I love what her family does to lessen their environmental impact because it smells SO good.  They have three compost piles in their backyard and they use the resulting soil to make their vegetable garden and their fruit trees grow better.  The first pile is my favorite because it is full of lovely things to dig up and chew.  




goes to Kapil Kanagal!

Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

After learning about BPA, I gathered together a group of my peers to found a new initiative to spread awareness about this substance under the auspices of an organization called AWAKE.  We met with local councilmen and state senators, holding purposeful discussions to find a meaningful strategy to raise awareness of the harmful effects of BPA.




goes to Jennifer Levengood!

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Soon, all 150 of us were cutting and sewing plastic bags to make substantial bedding for the less fortunate. Once a week, we drove to homeless shelters and donated all of the bedding that we had made... After making about 5,000 quilts, I had everyone in the group redo their carbon footprint assessment. Many had began to recycle much more after being so inspired, and we found that we had collectively reduced our carbon footprint by over 30%! 




goes to Jacquelyn Costello!

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY

I decided that I should at least try to help one establishment in the community, and so I began a recycling program at a local bowling alley. The first step was getting bins in place to collect the recyclable material, and after some time researching, it did not make sense to purchase large garbage pails. My best friend and I instead built bins, which were comprised of wood crates that formally transported the high school marching bands instruments.



Justin Hayes

goes to Justin Hayes!

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

A few years back I started skating for the Arbor Collective-Santa Barbara skateboard team, an eco-friendly board company. At that time, I decided that I would make a concerted effort to drive as little as possible and skateboard wherever possible... then the idea came to me - farming. 




goes to Qiannan Miao!

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

I grew up in Shanxi Province in China, where the coal resource is quite abundant. I was living only five minutes away from the biggest coal power plant in the area which both my parents worked for. I still remember seeing the black smoke coming out of the huge chimney every day and hearing the loud noise made by the power plant. In fact, I had never seen the sky being blue in my childhood, and I did not know how bad it was since I had never traveled anywhere else. 





goes to Raymundo Marqueda!

College of Marin, San Rafael, CA

I am a Mexican immigrant from Monterrey city, a place with no laws and control for environmental precautions during industrial operations, contamination of drinking water and air, and forest logging. I grew up with an environmental activist mother who formed an “ecological health committee”  to fight for unjust environmental contamination and for stopping the extermination of forests in Monterrey. 





goes to Iris Natalie Mollohoff!

University of California, Davis, CA

Environmental-awareness just like generosity and teamwork are not mastered skills inherent in every human being at birth, they are skills that must be learned, skills that must be taught and demonstrated. I feel that the biggest problem in American society is that most of us start distancing ourselves from nature at an early age. 





goes to Noah Schlottman!

Brown University, Providence, RI

It’s morning. Another night of scarcely any sleep, but that’s just college for you. There’s enough light outside to get dressed. I take a plaid shirt I bought at the Second Time Around on Thayer St. off the clothesline strung across my room; grab some decent jeans from Salvation Army, and an old pair of sneakers.

Bird-X has been the leading brand of humane bird control solutions worldwide since 1964. Our humane and eco-friendly products prove that wildlife and pest populations can be controlled and kept in areas where they are safe from harm and where they are unable to cause harm.

Our products not only prevent pest infestation, property damage, the spread of disease, and workplace liability – they also eliminate the need for chemical pesticides, poisons, and dangerous traps.

Bird-X is a green workplace. We are diligent about recycling, using recycled paper products, minimizing the use of printers, donating old computers and equipment, and using energy-efficient light-bulbs. We phased out disposable cups and only use reusable dishware. Even some of our bird control products are made from recycled materials!


The Bird-X Creative Team have really enjoyed the judging process.  Almost one thousand entrants submitted their work!   Many were lively and inspiring, and the task of choosing has not been easy.

How did we decide?  Every submission was evaluated.  A panel of four judges gave close consideration to the most promising.  Points were awarded for each of the following important qualities:

  • Originality / Creativity
  • Genuine impact (actual green difference)
  • Power to engage the reader
  • Style (readability, use of English)
  • Overall quality

Due to the high quality of the leading submissions, the judging panel wanted to reward all finalists for their thoughtful entries with additional prizes not originally offered. Note: Since original ‘bonus’ photo entries did not share the outstanding quality of the leading essay submissions, the judges modified this award into the two discretionary $200 photo bonus prizes to the two essay finalists whose work included an appealing visual component.  The Finalists were all invited to submit pictures of themselves and illustrations of their projects or story.

The Creative Team would like to thank all entrants and congratulate the leading finalists whose work is showcased above for their inspiring and fascinating stories. 

In coming weeks, Bird-X will also share the most interesting entries from other applicants not chosen for awards above.