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Bird Netting: PE-Plus Premium Grade BirdNet  Image
3/4 inch Premium Bird Netting
Premium Bird Netting factory installation
Premium Netting Installation
Netting bundles are neatly wrapped
Premium Bird Netting Installation at Soldier Field, Chicago

10-Year Warranty

Backed by our Manufacturer's Warranty Against Material Defects & Workmanship.

Bird Netting: PE-Plus Premium Grade BirdNet

  Highest Grade Premium Netting
  Physical Bird & Pest Barrier
  100% Effective, Permanent Solution
  10-Year Warranty

3/4" Polyethylene Netting blocks birds from entering. Seal birds & other pests out of desired areas - permanently. Bird netting is strong enough to stand up to large animals including deer, coyotes, & dogs.

  • 100% Effective when installed properly
  • Permanent Solution, ideal for commercial projects
  • Lightweight, strong, pliable, allows lights & moisture in
  • Maintenance-free, long-lasting & hassle-free
  • Blocks all birds, bats, & any other unwanted animals
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$ 190.20
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  • 3/4" polyethylene netting
  • 100% effective everywhere it is installed – great for zero-tolerance zones
  • Straightforward, one-time installation – 10 year warranty included!
  • Permanent solution keeps birds out once & for all
  • Lightweight, pliable, maintenance-free material
  • Keeps pests out while allowing light & moisture in
  • Nearly invisible – netting is barely visible at a distance
  • Works to deter pest birds & other critters

Recommended for excluding birds from specific areas, effective everywhere when it is properly installed.

Effectively Repels:

Ideal For Use At:

  • Parking lots & garages
  • Underpasses & bridges
  • Support structures & perimeters
  • Rooftops, domes & chimneys
  • Louvers & Eaves
  • Windowsills & ledges
  • Beams & Columns
  • Statues, Signs & Billboards
  • Enclosed restaurant patios
  • Air Conditioners
  • Fisheries & Koi Ponds
  • Gutters & pipes
  • Cut recurring cleanup & repair costs with a one-time solution
  • Protect buildings & equipment from corrosive droppings
  • Stop birds from entering, roosting & nesting in areas where they are unwanted, or from eating fruit or crops
  • Reduce health & liability risks associated with pest bird infestation
  • Prevent the spread of diseases, such as West Nile, Salmonella, E. Coli, Histoplasmosis & even rabies (found in bats)
  • Eliminate fire hazards caused by birds building nests in vents & chimneys
  • Avoid government & safety inspection failures
  • Decrease nuisance for workers, customers, & other visitors


Add & Combine

Bird control products that exclude birds by creating a physical barrier – such as bird netting & bird spikes – are 100% effective everywhere they are installed. However, it is not always possible to protect an entire property or wide area with barrier solutions. Where netting & spikes are not applicable, we recommend installing companion products such as sonic repellers, visual scares, and/or scent and taste aversions. Combining exclusionary methods with scare tactics makes the entire area inhospitable to birds, forcing them to find a new habitat.

Companion Products:


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Available Accessories:

   Mounting Clips

 *Call for more information about netting hardware, best practices, & installation tips.

  • Netting has 3/4" openings
CLICK HERE to view our Netting Installation Instructions Video.
Shipping Information:
  • PE Bird Netting 25: Box dimensions: 40” x 15” x 6” / Shipping weight: 10 lbs
  • PE Bird Netting 25-50: Box dimensions: 40” x 15” x 10” / Shipping weight: 20 lbs
  • PE Bird Netting 50-50: Box dimensions: 40” x 20” x 10” / Shipping weight: 40 lbs
  • PE Bird Netting 50-100: Box dimensions: 40” x 28” x 27” / Shipping weight: 80 lbs