Aviation and Pest Control

Airports and airfields attract pest birds and other animals to the detriment of the workers, pilots, air traffic controllers, and passengers. Bird-X has studied and developed methods to combat the phenomenon for many years by working directly with expert scientists and field studies.

The importance of keeping airports free of bird infestation and other pests helps maintain safety, aesthetics, and public perception of the airport's professionalism. Eliminating the presence of these pest animals within airports and airways can decrease risks of bird strikes, bird droppings, repair costs, and more.

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According to the National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence (NDCEE)approximately 5,000 bird strikes occur every year, costing the airline industry an estimated $1.5 billion in damages and repairs. Bird strikes can damage aircrafts and can even put the lives of passengers and crew members in serious danger. The Miracle on the Hudson showed the world how a bird strike could easily disable a large passenger jet. Fortunately, in that instance all 155 passengers survived. Besides the airborne threat of bird strikes, pest birds also damage valuable equipment & aircrafts in hangars, as well as deface public areas such as terminal buildings and parking structures.

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How to Repel Pest Birds: 

Powerful Sonic Devices: Sonic devices such as the Mega Blaster PRO uses intermittent distress calls to frighten away birds for good. The birds recognize the area as a “danger zone” to repel animals up to 30 acres. Complete with a 20 speaker tower and 2 high output amplifiers, the product completely weather resistant.

Bird Aversion Liquid: Bird aversion liguids such as Bird Stop liquid creates an invisible barrier that irritates a birds’ trigeminal system for a potent yet harmless effect. Simply apply the substance to the grass, turf, & other surfaces to keep pest birds from feeding, loitering, and landing.

Visual Scares: Multiple visual scare products are available to deter pest birds – Terror Eyes, Prowler Owl, and 3D-Coyote. These deterrents are quick and easy to install while still being cost effective and low maintenance. By using life-like and intimidating predator replicas and scares, pest birds will be forced of your property. The Gator Guard can even be used to protect large bodies of water in close vicinity of airports.

Bird Balls: Floating Bird Balls are a great option for airport rentention ponds. These balls eliminate waterfowl like ducksgeese, and gulls by completely covering the water's surface to prevent pest water birds from landing. The balls even allow sunlight to maintain the water's ecosystem. Bacteria, and other vegetation growing on the balls is not a problem due to the continuous motion on the surface of the water. 

Bird Control Program: Bird-X's complete Airport Control System acts as a multi-sensory attack against bird infestation. The system consists of 4 different bird control products including the Mega Blaster PRO, Critter Blaster PRO, GooseBuster, & Bird Stop. Together, these systems attack wildlife with 3 different scare sound sources.