Bird Control Solutions for Today's Environment.

At Bird-X, we know that pest birds and unwanted critters cause serious problems worldwide. Our commitment to solving these problems responsibly has set us apart since 1964. We are proud to offer pest & bird control products that are humane, eco-friendly, & extremely effective.

Bird-X works with every major industry including the pest control market, retail, manufacturing, transportation, as well as U.S. government facilities & federal agencies via the GSA Advantage pre-approved vendor program.

Pest & Bird Control Products

Bird-X Bird Control Products Save!

Our products save businesses and homeowners millions of dollars each year.

  • Prevent infestation
  • Avoid property damage
  • Stop the spread of disease
  • Decrease liability
  • No more costly cleanup of droppings
  • No need for toxic pesticides

Say goodbye to pests! Contact us today to find the pest or bird control program that’s right for you, or shop for solutions right here on our website.

about bird-x brand video

Watch the Bird-X Video!

Bird-X has been leading the bird control industry since 1964.

Watch this Bird-X Video to learn more about the importance of bird control, Bird-X products and how we can work together to solve your bird problems.

Bird-X offers a variety of bird control solutions for every pest bird problem.

bird-x sonic repeller video

Sonic Bird Control in Action

See the sonic bird repeller in action – pest birds are affected instantly.

  • Recorded distress calls and predator cries warn birds to flee
  • Sonic bird control is safe, non-toxic, humane, and eco-friendly
  • Conditions birds to stay away long-term